Potted History

Monkhide Country Wines was formed in the year 2000 and was the result of a few conversations with friends over several bottles of our home made wine. Unlikely as the story sounds, it was a case of, "This stuff is so good you should sell it!". So, six months later, we began commercial production.

Our first batch of wine, 57 bottles of raspberry, sold out within three weeks through the two retailers who were selling for us at the time. In our first year, our only problem was keeping our retailers supplied. In fact, we got to the stage where we were turning away willing customers because we didn't have the stock to sell to them! In our first year we sold 1200 bottles of wine.

In November 2002, we moved to our new premises so that we can keep more retailers supplied. Check the "stockists" section to see our latest list of retailers. We now make and sell around 15,000 bottles per year and we are still growing rapidly.

If you are a retailer, and you think you may be interested in selling our products, please contact us and ask for a free sample!